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Xiaomi Mi Band 4

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Original Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Wristband Fitness Bracelet Music AI bracelet Bluetooth 5.0 AMOLED Color Touch Screen

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Q&A About the Newest Mi Band 4

Q: When mi band 4 will be launched?
A: China version will be launched 11th June,Global version will arrive at end of June.

Q: Does it have NFC? If the NFC will work out of mainland China?
A: As we know, mi band 3 has two version(stardard version and NFC version), same as mi band 4, it will have two versions. And about the NFC, only "Analog door card" function will be working out of mainland China, other functions, like google pay/bus card can't work out of mainland China.

Q: If this item selling with NFC?
A: It is pre-sale standard version WITHOUT NFC, if you want the NFC version, you can wait till to 11th June. Another link about NFC version will be here soon.

Q: Is it globle version?
A: Same situation as mi band 3, when Xiaomi starts to sell mi band, only CN version will be sold at first.Days or months later, globle version will come at end of June.Now, we are only selling global version(no CN version),so please kindly extend delivery time 25 days.

Q: Does any other lanuages will be in the smartband?
A: Now, the language in the menu will be Chinese 100%, and English maybe too. About other languages, will be in the menu 100%, but we don't know when. You know, the firmware always be updated, so, multi-languages in the smartband just the problem from the time. Also, our forum Geekdoing always working for modify the firmware, other languages can be flashed to the smartband.

Q: When you can send out my order?
A: Mi band 4 will be launched on 11th June, after that, Xiaomi company maybe start to sell it at the same day, and global version would arrive at end of June. We will get the stock in first time after it starts to sell. And once the stocks come, we will start to send the parcels one by one( Earlier order, earlier ship.)

Q: :.....?
A: .....

Original 2019 Newest Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Miband 4 Bracelet Heart Rate Fitness 135mAh Color Screen Bluetooth 5.0

Friendly Tips/Disclaimer
1. Need extend 25 days if order, for there'll be several days waiting selling after Xiaomi Debut on 11st, June.
2. You could pay now to book one,we have unique resource of mi band 4 global version,but it the supply is very tight, we will give priority to the delivery according to the time of the order
3.Global version would release at end of June,we will send at that time,please kindly understand

Mi Band 4 | Known features !

Languages​(Only Chinese and English is updated 100%, other ones only few parts)
★ Arabic. ★ Chinese. ★ English. ★ Dutch. ★ French. ★ German. ★ Indonesian. ★ Italian. ★ Japanese. ★ Korean. ★ Polish. ★ Portuguese. ★ Spanish. ★ Russian. ★ Thai. ★ Turkish. ★ Ukrainian. ★ Vietnamese. Features​ 1,⤳ Alarm (Must be set in Application | Snooze Mode : 10 minutes) . ⤳ Maximum 10 Alarms. ⤳ Maximum 50 Event reminders. 2, ⤳ Alipay : 3, ⤳ Camera, DND Mode : 4, ⤳ Music Control. 5, Color Sreen:resolution : 240x120 pixels. 6, MI AI Speaker. 7, ⤳ Six activities (Cycling, Free training, Run, Swim, Treadmill, Walk).

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