Evenshop - Themobilestore
Our philosophy in a few words

The Swiss market for entertainment electronics is dominated by Coop and Migros. Soon there is not a single store that does not belong to one or the other.

At Evenshop-Themobilestore, we are realistic and do not intend to compete with these two Swiss giants, or even with other brands much larger than us.
If the Swiss market was a 4K smartphone screen, we would like to be the little pixel that flashes, that detonates (jokes). Even if the pixel is only a tiny part of the surface of the LCD panel, the fact that it is different, makes you notice it instantly and finally, you only see him.

Our goal is to offer products or models of products that other Swiss traders do not offer or not yet.

It started in 2007, since we were the first in Switzerland to offer the iPhone.

A few years later, we sold the Oneplus One when hardly anyone knew this brand.
Closer to home in late 2018, sales of the Huawei Mate 20X were an unprecedented success.

Of course, it is increasingly easy to import goods from China or other countries. But through us, you benefit from personalized advice and proximity, a guarantee of 24 months in case of problems and especially a total transparency of prices (no additional taxes ...)

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